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To become a certified renovator, the individual must successfully complete the 8-hour Renovator initial course or the 4-hour Refresher course conducted by NESI or other EPA or State-accredited RRP training provider. Please see our training dates below throughout the Southeast EPA Region IV and register on-line or call/email NESI to schedule a training date at your facility.

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Federal Lead Paint Program Concerning Lead Safety During Renovation

As a building owner, manager or contractor, you play an important role in protecting public health by helping to prevent lead exposure. The EPA Lead-based paint Renovation Repair and Painting Program (RRP, 40 CFR Part 745) rule significantly impacts your duties during disturbance of lead-based paint in pre-1978 housing, child care facilities and schools.

Please read the following to see how this new rule will affect you.

Overview of the EPA RRP rule: Common renovation activities that disturb LBP, like sanding, cutting, and demolition, can create hazardous lead dust and chips that can be harmful to adults and children. Therefore, as of April 22, 2010, any renovator who claims to perform renovations in a target house or child-occupied facility must become a certified firm and follow specific lead safe work practices to prevent lead contamination.

This rule affects the following trades:

  • Painters & other specialty trades
  • Renovation and remodeling contractors
  • Maintenance workers
  • Weatherization contractors

What types of structures are covered by the rule?

Target Housing: Housing constructed prior to 1978, except housing for the elderly or persons with disabilities (unless a child under age 6 years resides or is expected to reside in the house) and 0-bedroom dwellings. Child-Occupied Facilities: Day care, pre-school, kindergarten classrooms, or other facility in a building constructed prior to 1978 that is visited by the same child under age 6, on at least two different days within any week, provided that each day’s visit lasts at least 3 hours and the combined weekly visits last at least 60 hours.

What types of renovations are affected?

Any work performed for pay, including painting and remodeling, that results in the disturbance of painted surfaces in pre-1978 homes and child-occupied facilities.


  • Removal or modification of painted components such as doors or windows
  • Repairing a painted surface or preparing it for repainting by sanding, scraping, burning, or
  • other action that may generate paint dust
  • Removal of walls, ceilings, and other structures
  • Re-plastering
  • Re-plumbing
  • Weatherization work that disturbs painted surfaces
  • Window replacement

What are the exceptions to the requirements?

Abatement: activities conducted under abatement rules by certified abatement contractors/ although these contractors also have to become certified renovators if they perform renovation, repair or painting work in Target Housing or Child Occupied Facilities.

Minor repair or maintenance activities: activities that will, within a 30 day period, disturb less than 6SF per room for interior activities; or 20SF for exterior activities. This exemption does NOT apply to window replacement; demolition; or use of banned practices.

No LBP will be disturbed: as determined by: Testing of paint by certified lead inspector/risk assessor; or proper use of EPA-recognized test kit by certified renovator.

Do-it-yourself: work performed by an owner within their owner-occupied residence.

What RRP Courses will NESI offer?

EPA/HUD Model Renovator 8 hour Initial Training Course – This course was developed by the U.S. EPA in conjunction with HUD to train renovation, repair and painting contractors. This course carries 6 hours of CEU. EPA/HUD Model Renovator 4-hour Refresher Training Course – This course was developed by the U.S. EPA in conjunction with HUD to refresh renovation, repair and painting contractors. This course carries 3 hours of CEU.

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