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Mold-Removal-Remediation-Kahului-Maui-1NESI has been informing their clients about the potential hazards of indoor exposure to mold since 2008. Since mold exposure can cause a variety of health effects and symptoms, including allergic reactions in some cases, NESI will continue to help educate our clients on the most current guidelines for the testing/remediation/cleanup of mold.

Mold continues to be a major home health condition in the southern states with the seasonally high heat and humidity. When the indoor air quality conditions are perfect (i.e. when the temperature, relative humidity and other factors are within optimal ranges) mold and mildew can begin forming in various locations in and around the property. Very often the location of mold and moisture are not visible to occupants. These conditions usually occur and exist within a wall, behind cabinetry or in an attic or crawlspace and therefore not always the most visible and easily discovered places.

Assessing the severity of a mold related problem involves more than just taking samples. NESI takes a 4 prong approach: interior / exterior visual inspections, moisture mapping, infrared technology, and air/surface/bulk sampling. The combination of this approach and our experience ensures each client is provided with sound guidance for next steps. While air quality factors contribute to an ideal environment for mold growth, moisture is the primary cause of mold growth.

Some common causes of water loss or intrusion within a structure:

  • Pluming Failure
  • Water Lines for Washers
  • Water Lines for Dishwashers
  • Water Lines for Water Heater.
  • Cracks in Building Foundation or Exterior
  • Roof Leaks
  • Window Leaks

Our methods will assist in locating the source of the moisture intrusion so a resolution can be determined. A remediation protocol is also included in all of our reports to assist with the remediation of the structure.

NESI does NOT perform any remediation services. Therefore, there is no conflict of interest associated with out inspections. NESI staff of certified residential and commercial mold inspectors are able to perform any of the following services:

Mold Inspections Service Start @ $600.00 and up depending on size and location of the property plus sample cost

Mold Assessment Services

  • ¬†Building Evaluation Survey
  • Sampling & Analysis
  • Infrared Imaging
  • Floods, Storms & Fire Damage
  • Data Evaluation & Corrective Measures
  • Planning the Mold Remediation Project
  • Project Monitoring & Quality Control
  • Worker Protective Equipment
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