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In addition to our firms traditional consulting practice (which consists of lead-based paint awareness training, as well as environmental, occupational health, and industrial hygiene consulting services), NESI is also providing our clients “forensic consultation” services involving issues surrounding environmental contamination, personal injury, product liability, and most recently, cases involving the disinfection and the cleaning efficacy of positive COVID-19 facilities. These specialized forensic services are geared and focused toward producing a higher standard of proof such as when acquiring clear and convincing evidence for a particular case, as we then present our findings through an expert report, and if necessary, through expert testimony. Example of projects or high profile cases where NESI has been retained include; (1) Environmental Contamination: Cause and Origin Investigation for Medical Equipment Supplier, Nice, France (Ref:No.2019-013940CV) (2) Personal Injury: Investigation of a Hospital Acquired Infection involving Aspergillus fumigatus, Seattle Children’s Hospital, Seattle, WA (No.19-2-31648-9 SEA), (3) Product Liability (4) COVID-19: Industrial Hygiene Oversight During the Disinfection of Coronavirus, a National Emergency Response and Restoration Company, Georgia and Alabama locations.  

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