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leadbasedpaint3Personnel within NESI’s staff have cumulative 35+ years in the Lead Abatement/Inspection/Risk Assessment field for our clients to benefit from. We have been helping all aspects of the commercial and residential community within the Southeast EPA Region IV area to comply with EPA, OSHA, CDC, HUD and CPSC regulations since 1992. Lead poisoning is a serious health problem for our Nation, not only for young children, but also developing fetuses and personnel within the work force.

NESI and its staff are not only up for the challenge of helping to eliminate childhood lead poisoning within the next ten years, but also to continue with our efforts in reducing occupational exposure for workers exposed to lead within the commercial and residential arena. NESI holds all of the training and certifications necessary to provide any of the following environmental services for our clients throughout the Southeast EPA Region IV area for commercial or industrial facilities, target housing, child occupied facilities and schools.

At NESI our goal is to help all of our clients achieve compliance. Compliance means your family and/or tenants are safe from the health effects associated with lead exposure. It also means that your property is in compliance with current federal lead exposure laws.

Lead Inspection services start @ $600.00 and up depending on type, size and location of property.

Lead Services

  • XRF Testing with NITON 300 XL
  • Paint Chip Sampling & Analysis
  • Pre- and Post – Abatement Sampling
  • Hazardous Waste Identification
  • Lead Inspection/Risk Assessment Combination
  • Lead Hazard Control Plans
  • On-site Owner Representation
  • Daily Area and Contractor OSHA Monitoring
  • Development of Abatement Specifications

Due to the health hazards of lead poisoning (especially to young children and pregnant women), the CPSC banned the use of “Lead-Based Paint” in 1978 for housing and child occupied facilities. Although some lead-based paint was used in an estimated 80% of pre-1978 housing, its mere presence does not constitute a health hazard. Properly maintained and managed, LBP poses little health risk to most people. However, one of the first things many people do when moving into a new house is to start sanding, painting, remodeling, etc. This generates lead-based paint dust and debris that is easily assessable to a small child simply by normal hand to mouth contact.

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